UH Studio has been founded with a simple goal in mind: to provide unity between co-habitants and co-workers & harmony between people, nature, and technology.


Well designed interior and exterior spaces can significantly improve one’s sense of well being, belonging, feeling safe, and understanding of co-existence. With a lens, composed of a desire to promote unity, these senses are actively addressed to provide a soul to otherwise cold environments.


The sense of understanding that there are many important issues, frequently forgotten in the culture of the everyday is a challenge, typically beyond the scope of many architectural projects. For example coming in close contact with nature provides a sense of harmony.

On the other end of the spectrum, technology is the continuous bridge between man and nature, as man converts the natural into technology. Designing by seeking to provide harmony between man, nature, and technology is an is essential for unity.

About Dimitar

Dimitar is a designer in the full sense of the word – he has worked on projects ranging from brand identities, small projects, art installations, theatres, sports arenas, and all the way up to master plans. As a graduate of one of the leading technology oriented postgraduate programmes in the world, he fully embraces computational design, while being invigorated by timeless beauty, driven by proportion, harmony, rhythm, and contextualism.

Dimitar holds a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture from Temple University in Philadelphia, and a post-professional Master of Architecture from AA School, DRL Programme in London. He as worked in various prominent British and American studios, including Adjaye Associates. He is currently working towards his AIA architectural registration.