Rhino is a great program but it typically suffers from creating poor meshes that cannot be easily edited later in polygon mesh modeling software, such as Blender, Maya, etc. With the help the Paneling Tools plugin (link), it becomes very easy to create quad meshes that can later be subdivided, easily.


It is possible to create a clean quad mesh with the mesh settings from rhino (mesh command), however it is difficult to get an evenly distributed quad mesh.With paneling tools in grasshopper, it is much easier.


This demonstrates how the mesh was done. First, we create a loft, and then apply a grid on the loft. Then, we create cells, which produce mesh faces. We flatten the cells into one mesh with the mesh join component, and then we weld vertices.


mesh01-1024x576The top is the mesh from Rhino in Blender, which is then subdivided, with 2 new loop cuts introduced, which were then scaled slightly down.