In this lesson, we will set up Blender further for an optimal workflow.

In this lesson, you will learn how to add a custom keymap suitable for laptop and other small keyboard users, enable importing images to planes, and about layers.

link to the custom hotkey map:!AjOyIlYnTjWAgfNEY…

Custom Hotkeys list:

ctrl+1 – top view
ctrl+2 – front view
ctrl+3 – left view

ctrl+shift+1 – bottom view
ctrl+shift+2 – rear view
ctrl+shift+3 – left view

ctrl+4 – camera view
ctrl+shift+4 – set active object as camers
ctrl+alt+shift+4 – align camera to view

ctrl+5 – ortho/perspoective toggle
ctrl+6 – zoom to selected objects
shift+/ – local view

drag+left click- window or border select
shift+drag+left click – add to the selection
ctrl+drag+left click- remove from selection