Coffee on Wheels

A project of creating bicycle cart, as a first of its kind in Bulgaria. While the mobile bicycle coffee carts are popular in Northern Europe and in the US, in Bulgaria, it is the first of its kind. Additionally, in public spaces, the quality of coffee is inferior to high street cafes. So, what would a coffee business that is both of the highest quality and also available in parks and squares (for the enjoyment during beautiful days) look like?

Coffee on wheels is a concept that draws its design characteristics from traditional Bulgarian houses found in older villages, featuring  high contrast and details that make it unique from the international comparative projects and distinctly characteristic to the local geography.

As part of the design service offered, both brand identity and website concept were realised. Visit for more information.

ClientEsto Trade Coffee, Ltd.ServicesBrand Identity, Branding, Product DesignDesign Tech3d smart product designLocationSofia, BulgariaYear2011