Sensory Nursery

What excites the imagination of young and growing minds?

What allows them to yearn to learn and explore while providing secure and safe environment for growth and education development?

Imagine learning at new type of house every day with a different garden and a different place to visit.

Design is visual poetry, especially to children. The young minds are fast to recognize and learn about their environments, and the interaction formed would be significantly unique to this situation.

Young children are significantly more sensitive to their environments than developed older children and adults. Thus, the environments which mursery children inhabit, should be particularly appealing to a healthy and growing appeal to as many of the sense as possible.

What type of spaces make the best places to visit?


The conceptual driver for this competition consists of creating a fun palace for children by creating different styles of play houses – Japanese, Alpine, Tuscan, Roundhouse, etc. In this way, the children imagination is heightened, and they always have a point of reference of where they are.

The play houses are connected with a common wide corridor, providing a place for circulation, additional play space, and an intermediate threshold between internal and external spaces. As a complement to the rudimentary geometry of the houses, the corridor begins to decompose the formality,

The paths on the outside further decompose the formal spaces set forth by the play houses, as they form a network of organic routes.

The courtyard continues to provide fun img01


  • 4500m²