Welcome to UH Studio

We are a London-based architectural design studio challenging how we think about buildings and the built environment.

UH Studio means Unity + Harmony between technology, nature and people. The core of our practice is based on two questions:

  • How do we make spaces that provide a sense of unity between man, nature and the environment?
  • How do we actively design for harmony between habitants, communities, and technological advancements?

Our current projects

We are working on a series of projects that question the underlying assumptions within their respective typologies. Some of them are:

  • Community work hubs on rethinking the relationship between work and home communities.
  • A childcare nursery that appeals to the senses of children through touch through a series of interconnected pavilions
  • A hospital with a core feature that promotes not only treatment of patients but also healing for post treatment, provides sanctuary areas for staff, and create beautiful space for patient visitors.
  • A centrally located mixed-use development focused on identity instead of anonimity and can invigorate to the existing community and neighborhood instead of taking away from it. Can new residents feel a sense of community, get to know their neighbors, and have an impact beyond owning or renting a flat in a large complex.
  • How can a community centre serve as a modern anchor to a neighborhood, providing the spaces and the opportunities to allow it to flourish?

What about small spaces?

We love large projects and the challenging ideas that they bring to the discourse, yet we also love the immediate impact that some of the questions above can have on small and private projects. Our houses and apartments are our sanctuaries. They are the places where we have the opportunities to replensih our energy, thoughts, and mental processes. How can we create unity and harmony between co-habitants, and their environment? We work actively with private clients to transform their houses and apartments to homes.



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