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For Architectural Design

The plugins listed below add the workflows in Blender. Here you can find reference as to where to download them from and purpose of use.

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The 10 most useful addons for architecture design

Blender 2.8 is a significant revamp of the popular free and open source 3d modeling and animation suite. Numerous new features and UI improvements will continue to drive Blender's adoption in multiple industries including architectural design.


Blender is an excellent tool for conceptual architectural design, but it isn't widely used for these purposes at the moment. Blender's tools provide the closest experience to digital clay an form-finding, and once the basics are learned, the software can become a fantastic asset for quick and iterat...

This will be a part of a series exploring getting started as quickly as possible with Freecad for architectural design. In this video, we will look at opening freecad for the first and getting familiar with the interface and the most optimal settings for arcitecture and design.